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How to create a fax?

Creating and sending a fax has never been simpler.  The Send a Fax home screen has a simple design to allow you to send a fax quickly.

  1. Select country code, and input receiver’s fax number
  2. Add documents: complete the cover page, scan a paper, and upload pictures etc
  3. Preview and send it out!


How to send a fax to other countries?

Just tap the country flag (by default it’s United States flag), and then select the country code you want. Fill the rest part of the fax number. That’s it!


Can I send out fax without cover page?

No. Cover page explains who the sender is and what’s the purpose of the fax. It helps the receiver to understand it better and ensure your fax page won’t be throw out as random paper.


Is the app free? Why I only see 50 credits? How many credits can I use?

Yes, it’s free. We provide 50 credits for you to use at the beginning. You can request more credits in the settings (right bottom bar button), and click “Get more credits”. We will be notified and add more credits for you.